What If Only Your Actions Counted?

Published February 14, 2010 in Rambling - 1 Comments

Iaido Sword Draw: Iaido is a Japanese martial art that focuses on very fast, decisive action, namely the intercepting or blocking and counterattacking an assailant with one motion, all done seamlessly following the drawing of the sword.

What if only what you do counted?

What if that was the only thing that carried any weight or mattered to anyone? What if only your actions mattered?

Not your words, not your thoughts, not your beliefs, not your principles, not your plans, not your hopes, not your dreams, not what you actually really mean, not your friends, not your possessions, not your genes and predispositions, not your personality, not your past, not your reasons, not your mindset.

Only your actions, what you actually do, from this moment onward.

What would happen if you lived your life as though this were true?

  • Leo

    Good material.

    Of course a good mindset will help. But it will not move the rocks, only action will.