The “Grow Stronger” Approach

Published February 4, 2010 in Rambling - 2 Comments

13th Warrior - Banderas totally failed at growing stronger in this movie. He's the hero anyway, of course, so I probably shouldn't be using this as an example, but I'm going to anyway.

In the movie “13th Warrior”, Antonio Banderas plays the main character who is an Arab who finds himself out of place on a quest with a bunch of burly Vikings (makes more sense when you actually see the movie). When he is given a sword by one of the Vikings, he complains that the sword is much too heavy and asks how the hell he’s supposed to fight with a sword that he can hardly lift. To this, one of the Vikings replies:

“Grow stronger, little brother.”

That’s basically the approach I’m taking in regards to personal productivity.

Less is Less

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m usually busy with many different projects. I run two blogs and a growing number of different websites, I am involved in the computer hardware market, where I have marketing/promotion and customer service tasks to do almost daily, I create lots of videos and write for different websites and I teach self-defence to a small group of security personnel with two friends, to name just a few.

Next to all that, I also try to keep up with my own training, find enough time to read good books now and again and all the other stuff that entails a “private life”.

In the blogosphere around productivity, there’s quite a trend towards simplicity (see Zen Habits, at the spearhead of all this). No doubt, reducing your task-list to the essential, saying no to everything but what truly matters and generally cutting down on tasks and distractions is a huge blessing for anyone’s personal well-being. But what if there are just a lot of things I’m passionate about?

In short, there are many things that I want to pursue. And my hope is that I can build a working productivity system for myself that allows me to do more without being stressful or overly complicated.

My goal is not to reduce the amount of things I do, but to grow “strong enough” to be able to fit all of my projects into my days.

Wish me luck…

  • Leo

    Have you heard of a book called “Unleash the Warrior Within” by Richard Machowicz? It might be the right one for you.

    • I’ve heard of it, but haven’t read it. I’ll check it out, next time I’m in a bookstore. 🙂
      Thanks for the tip.