Project: Productivity Ninja

Published January 22, 2010 in productivity - 2 Comments

This Ninja is about to assassinate time! Or perhaps he's actually protecting that clock in the background. That wouldn't be very Ninja-like, though.

In 2010, there will be one large focus in my life and also on Explorative Approach. That focus is productivity.

Recent developments in my life and my businesses have been very interesting and promising, but unfortunately, my life is pretty chaotic right now. So, in 2010 I’ll be concentrating on getting my time-management and personal productivity sorted out.


I have always had a tendency towards being messy and disorganized. As a kid, I always had a tremendously messy room. I know most kids have messy rooms, but the disarray that was usually to be found in my room was truly epic.

And it’s never really gotten much better. I still have a messy desk and too much stuff lying around on the floor and I’m incredibly bad at keeping things in order.

You know the type of person who always files away everything neatly, has all their stuff ready for the tax report and knows exactly where to find all of their stuff? Yeah, I’m the opposite of that person.


To make things worse, I am blessed with a very creative mind and I always have at least a dozen projects to work on. While I really love this, it really doesn’t help with keeping things organized.

I am currently running two “main” businesses that are very promising. One of them is already up and running and has been for a while and it’s just a bit of streamlining away from becoming very profitable (it’s already profitable, but not profitable enough).

On the other hand, I’ve recently gotten involved in “Internet marketing”. I put that in quotes because I’ve been marketing stuff on the Internet for a long time, but I haven’t done that stuff that’s usually referred to as “Internet marketing” (selling products as an affiliate, creating your own, online products, mailing-lists etc). This is something I’m just now starting to build up, but I’m absolutely loving it and I’ve found opportunities in IM that I had been already spent years looking for elsewhere.

Unfortunately, unless I get my life in order, not much is going to happen in either of those businesses.

Starting from Zero

Here’s the deal: I will be experimenting with many different time-management and productivity techniques and setting myself challenges and goals to reach during the course of the year. I will test and tweak and measure everything I can to turn myself into the ultimate productivity Ninja and I’ll also be posting about why it is that I am choosing to do so.

Explorative Approach will be the platform on which I share my experiences with anyone who happens to be interested. If you like, you are welcome to join me on this journey and follow my progress.

  • Hey Shane,
    All the best for making 2010 a productive year. When I was a kid, my room was always super messy. Even today I rarely make my bed. I’m still a boy in many ways.

    • Yeah, I’m the same way. Keeping any semblance of order requires great willpower for me.
      But I’m also finding that my mindset and the state of my apartement reflect each other. Something I might write a post on, as well…