Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell – Why it’s an Important Book & Why You Don’t Need to Feel Discouraged by its Message

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Picture: Paperback book cover of Outliers

If you work hard, believe in yourself and persevere, you will be successful.

Sounds about right, doesn’t it? Also, how familiar is this storyline to you: Person from very humble beginnings makes an invention/starts a small business, has a very hard time at first and almost loses everything but manages to finally rise to the top and becomes very rich and successful.

That’s basically the standard success story that you can find in many, many biographical accounts of successful people. The message these stories carry is usually that success was achieved through hard work and personal sacrifice at times and, more importantly, that therefore anyone can make it.
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Please excuse my horrible English

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Photo by Markus Rödder

Photo by Markus Rödder

I have a rather odd linguistic background. I grew up and live in the German speaking part of Switzerland, which means that I mostly speak Swiss-German and I also had to learn German, in order to be able to read books, write properly and gain the ability to communicate with at least some of the people outside Swiss borders. Since my father is Irish, I spoke English at home, at least part of the time. I read in English much more often than in German. I practically always buy books in English and spend a fair (too fair?) amount of time on the Internet, mainly the English part of it.
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