Procrastinate Much? Maybe You Should Read This Later…

Published October 1, 2009 in Psychology and Mind Hacks - 2 Comments

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Yeah, I know, hilarious title. I worked on that one all day.
Moving on: Finding something entertaining and distracting to do is easier than ever and as a consequence of this, procrastination has become a wide-spread problem. As long as you have internet access, the next status-update, short message, puzzle-game, cute animal picture or dubious offer concerning the size of your private parts is never far away. In fact, certain applications seem to be specifically designed to increase access to distractions, instantly notifying you about updates on twitter, facebook, your e-mail inbox or any number of other sites and services. No wonder we don’t come around to doing productive things anymore. In today’s post, I will briefly outline one method you should try, if you find yourself putting things off a bit too frequently.

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Derren Brown: A Brief Glimpse Into an Incredible Mind

Published September 29, 2009 in Uncategorized - 8 Comments

Derren Brown

Below, you’ll find a video featuring a short interview with Derren Brown. It’s worth seeing for several reasons, one of them being that anything with Derren Brown in it is worth seeing. Yes, I’m a fan. Another reason I will get into after you’ve given the interview a look.
In case you don’t know who Derren Brown is: He’s an illusionist and mentalist, which means that he does magic tricks that make it seem like he can read minds or that he has other psychic abilities. Brown is to mentalism what David Copperfield is to illusionism, which is to say: He’s taken the art to it’s extremes. He also has a personality and wit that would make him entertaining even if he wasn’t also blowing your mind with his tricks.

Anyway, here’s the video I want you to see:

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Building Habits: Your Worst Enemies can be Your Best Friends

Published September 26, 2009 in Psychology and Mind Hacks - 4 Comments

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Building productive habits is key to any kind of personal development, no doubt about that. Unfortunately, building new habits also tends to be very, very difficult. In this post, I will introduce two key factors that make habit-building so difficult. These factors are habituation and homeostasis, and while they can be your worst enemies, when you are trying to improve yourself, they can also be your best friends.

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Flexibility Experiment, Part 5: Update and Subjective Impressions

Published September 24, 2009 in Physical Performance - 5 Comments
Pictured: Flexibility

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I have been doing Resistance Stretching exercises regularly for 20 days now, so I’m just over half way through my 30-day experiment with this technique. The book I use as a guide (Genius of Flexibility, Bob Cooley), describes four series of flexibility exercises. The first series is for beginners, the second one for intermediates, the fourth one contains advanced stretches and the third one contains stretches to be done with a partner. I have tried all of the stretching exercises except the ones that require a partner. Here is what I have experienced so far:

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Task-Managing Series, Part 2: Optimal Method

Published September 20, 2009 in Self-Organization - 3 Comments

Tasks2 copy

It has now been three weeks since I started the task-managing experiment and I have mainly been focusing on when and how to set my tasks. Here are my experiences, so far:

Ongoing List vs. New List Every Day

When I work with an ongoing to-do list, I simply have one list with all the tasks that need to get done and I add tasks and tick tasks off as I go along. If I don’t get a task done today, it will simply still be on the list tomorrow. Similarly, if I have a task I know I need to do in two days time, I simply write it down now, together with all the other tasks.
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The Slump: A Crucial Factor to Building New Habits

Published September 18, 2009 in Psychology and Mind Hacks - 3 Comments
Exhausted dog

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Building habits is key to personal progress and success. If you manage to continually build new, positive habits that increase your productivity, your skills or your happiness, then you are obviously on a fast track to a wonderful life. But, as you probably know, it can be very challenging to build a new habit up to the point where it is truly integrated into your life. Think “Motivation” – a theme absolutely pivotal to almost every book, blog, seminar and system concerned with self-improvement. After all, it’s not that we don’t know what’s good for us. We know perfectly well that we should get our asses off the couch and do that workout, finally clean out that messy drawer and finish that project that’s been at the back of our minds for so long.
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