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Time Management Experiment – Part 3

Published March 21, 2010 in productivity - 2 Comments

Time Management Experiment, Part 3. Yes, I'm running out of ideas of what to do with this motif. On the other hand, I can't really be spending hours creating imaginative graphics for posts that are about effective time-management, can I?

My newest self-experiment has run it’s course and as I already reported in the last post, it’s been an interesting experience and an experiment that I can consider a success. In this post, I report on what I learnt and go over some new ideas that I want to implement in order to further improve the “5-hour workday” time-management method.

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Time-Management Experiment – Introduction

Published March 13, 2010 in productivity - 2 Comments


A very well-known principle of productivity and time management is known as Parkinson’s Law, which simply states that any task will expand to fill the time allotted for it’s completion. In other words, if you have one week to write a report, it will take you about one week to finish. If you have only two days to write the same report, that same task will take you about two days to finish.

There’s a simple technique often called “time boxing”, that helps you use Parkinson’s Law to your advantage and in this post I introduce the experiment I will be doing with this method over the course of the next week.

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Project: Productivity Ninja

Published January 22, 2010 in productivity - 2 Comments

This Ninja is about to assassinate time! Or perhaps he's actually protecting that clock in the background. That wouldn't be very Ninja-like, though.

In 2010, there will be one large focus in my life and also on Explorative Approach. That focus is productivity.

Recent developments in my life and my businesses have been very interesting and promising, but unfortunately, my life is pretty chaotic right now. So, in 2010 I’ll be concentrating on getting my time-management and personal productivity sorted out.

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10 Distraction-Free Days – Verdict

Published November 29, 2009 in productivity - 2 Comments

Distraction Free Image

Original image by santo rizzuto

My 10 Distraction-Free Days experiment has come to a close and in this post, I want to share the very interesting experiences I had with it. Let me say right to begin with: The experiment didn’t go as I had imagined it would. What it did do, however, was open my eyes to something new.

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10 Distraction-Free Days – Part 1

Published November 18, 2009 in productivity - 1 Comments

10 Distraction-Free Days 1

Original image by santo rizzuto

I have a lot on my plate, right now. So much, in fact, that I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed these past few days and I found myself wasting time more often than not. To give my productivity a boost, I’m starting a simple 10-day challenge. In this first post, I describe the problem and how 10 distraction-free days can help me make good progress.

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Procrastination, Part 3 – Beat It! (With Science)

Published November 6, 2009 in productivity , Psychology and Mind Hacks - 1 Comments

Procrastination, Part 3

Original image by blakie

In my first two posts about procrastination, I suggested a simple reframe and one unusual method that can help you become more aware of your procrastination habits. Even just this awareness can be a great help in overcoming procrastination. In part three of the series, I look at some of the research that has been done on the subject of putting things off and, more importantly, what methods for beating procrastination have been proven to work.

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