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30 Videos in 30 Days – More About This Challenge

Published November 26, 2009 in video - 2 Comments

Today’s video is the second in my 30 Videos in 30 Days challenge. I explain some of my goals for this challenge and tell you a little something about myself and my weird accent.

Watch the video and see some of my comments on it:

Okay, with that, the easy part of the challenge is out of the way. These first two videos were really just introductions to the challenge itself. The next videos I’m going to be making are going to be focused on other subjects. I’ll do some videos for ExplorativeApproach as well as some tutorial- and review-videos for other sites.

Presently, I have enough ideas for about three or four ExplorativeApproach videos. There are some interesting things I recently found that I want to make a video or two about. I also have a seriously cool idea for a whole series of videos, but I need the collaboration of a bunch of people to make this happen. So, no guarantees at this point.

Hopefully, I can get some inspiration from comments and maybe we can even get something of a dialogue going on. So let me know what you think of this challenge so far.

  • Ben

    Until you mentioned it I thought your accent was primarily Irish, so I don’t think you’re really that far off. Of course, I’m from the US, so I probably don’t have as keen an ear for accents from the UK as you might be used to.

    Are you forcing yourself to do exactly one video a day or do you plan to double up some days?

    • Hi Ben,

      That’s great! I’m glad to hear that my accent doesn’t sound too far-off to you. 🙂
      So far, I’ve published at least one video every day and I plan to stick to that. Actually, what I hold myself to is completing one video every day. With long upload times and potential upload errors, I can’t guarantee that I will be able to publish one every day, but I hope I can.
      It’s been going really well so far and I feel like I can complete this challenge.
      Though, I don’t know what my feelings about this are going to be once I’ve made 20 or more videos… 😉